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What are Sess Points?

We like to reward our loyal customers. We designed a rewards program where you can save for Sesspoints. You can use these Sesspoints with your next order and get a discount and extra free seeds. Besides that when signing up for our rewards program will give you access to giveaways, promos and contests first. I say, sign up and looking forward to have you on board. Feel free to sign up below.

Where can I see my Sess Points?

You can find an overview of your Sesspoints by signing in on your account. Off course first you have to sign up. We will never use your data for other purposes btw because your privacy is sacred to us. In the footer bar you can see how many Sesspoints you will receive to spend on your next order. When you have questions please contact us. We are happy to help.

Can my Sess Points expire?

No way, the Sesspoints you save are for life. You can always redeem your points, no matter how long ago your last order was. Your points, your discount. We will keep your points safe in our vault.